Rydell Danzie..........Director

Rydell Danzie started Ynot/SinPelo on 1/11/2011 out of a desire to shoot what he sees and show others his vision.  Rydell's Directing style has sprouted from his acting and now the two disciplines go hand in hand.  Rydell's niche is that of the age old communication of story telling and leans towards stories that are based off of real events and people. "greater care is taken when telling a true story....too visually lay out someone's vulnerabilities is a delicate process.  We must do so with care and respect..
"When others say Y we say Y not......" 

                                     Elliot Rodriguez...........Co Director (Producer)
Elliot is a great addition to the team! He is a fantastic actor/stuntperson/writer  "we like to call him a slasher, multitask-er who is able to get things done!"  Without Elliot there would be no Ynot/SinPelo!!  He is the general all around right hand man!!

​                                     Leon Charles Farmer...Creative Consultant (Producer)
​American actor, entrepreneur, Marine Corp veteran, and co-founder of the non-profit organization, "Breathe For Peace," Leon is our go to guy to run ideas by.  Call him Jack outside of the box! 

                                     Doris L. Guerrero.........Production Manager (Producer)
​Doris is accomplished as a Production Manager and Producer on several independent features and shorts. With experience in front and behind the camera, Doris feels she has a unique point of view which is advantageous to any project. She also looks forward to developing her own material, with the hope that it inspires, evokes thought and explores the human condition.

​                                      Matt Jayson..............Voice over Consultant (Producer)
​Matt is an accomplished Voice Over artist as well as an actor.  Putting it simple he is that guy!!! 

                                     Timothy Whitfield........Director/Editor
Tim is an accomplished Director and Editor without him we would have nothing to look at! He is best known for his work within the Friday the 13th series.  

                                     Troy Maturo...............Musical Creator Genius
Troy is an accomplished Music Creator. He has tons of Vision and can create a unique score for your project! Click on his link above to hear some of the creations!! 

                                       Veronica Rodriguez..Media and Photog Creator 
Veronica has been in the back wings since  the start. We are happy that she continues to take this ride with us! 

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