Was at Comic Con 2014 and 2015 Watch the Trailer!! #Negramish
Starring :  Rydell Danzie, Elliot Rodriguez, Matt Jayson and Dorris Guerrero

Zachariah is called from his Amish stead just outside of Gotham..... He sees the world of sin in through different eyes.....

                                    Into the Equinox 

Is Completed!!! Look out for it on your normal VOD Platforms! 

Starring:  Mathew Jay, Allegra Riggio, Shaela Cook, Veronica Rodriguez, Elliot Rodriguez,Shannan Leigh Reeve, and Rydell Danzie

The Equinox is a Thriller set in the wilderness of Alaska..Six long time friends embark on a journey to the far reaches of Alaska only to find that they may not make it back.....Once the Darkness sets in....

Click Below for a sneak peak:

Into The Equinox      The Legend Reveald

Cast interview links 

Meet the Cast

Shedding Light on Into the Equinox



Starring Rydell DanzieShannan Leigh Reeve and Shaela Shah this is Ynot's first independent feature!

The story of Leo Staggs Diego and his fight with self destruction.  An action drama about the life of a ex military, ex cop that is being forced into the crime world against his will.  After loosing his family he starts down the path of self destruction only to find his morality and ethics being put to the test!! 

Click here to watch the Trailer for Crossroads

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